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The tents we produce are designed to cover the area from the sun, rain, and wind. The difference between such a tent is that the walls and the roof are attached to the frame separately. It can be used with or without walls. The awning for the tent frame is made of special polyester fabric with a water-repellent and water-based treatment, as well as fabric for more severe conditions of use. Walls can be completed with mosquito nets, transparent PVC windows, zippers. Fastening the awning to the frame can be done through belt buckle, Velcro, tie, or using an elastic cord and a special aluminum profile with a groove installed on the frame. Our tents are cafes, restaurants, weddings, tourists, trade events, points of sale, outdoor work areas, and many other use cases. Branding on a tent is a very effective way to advertise. Branding can be made on the awning from a small inscription to a complete application of advertising, using the sublimation printing method, the tent will be able to adequately represent both a trademark and any advertising campaign.

Custom features of our design include:
- a minimum of physical effort for installation is provided through technical solutions in the manufacturing of complex assemblies, aimed at simplicity and reliability in operation and the optimal choice of materials
- compactness and mobile design
- strength - development of rigid joints to provide wind resistance and folding of materials
- minimum time for assembly and disassembly - from 10 to 30 minutes, depending on the size and design
- ease of use - no need for additional tools;

- a wide range of applications - the tent makes it possible to always stay in comfortable conditions - on vacation, in nature, at work, fishing, in the country, at an exhibition in the city, and in the field.


The frame is designed based on the power loads of rain and wind. The metal structure of a
typical tent consists of pipes and fittings:
- Perimeter, pillars, shaping roofs - steel pipes
- Connecting assemblies - metal assemblies - easily assembled and dismountable elements on which pipes are connected.

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