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Our tents and other products made out of PVC and special fabrics are designed to provide protection from the sun, rain, snow, wind, and other adverse factors associated with this. We will help you set up select a tent for your optimal and custom solution. PVC fabrics, tarpaulin or another fabric cover - for appropriate weather conditions or other requirements. We design - according to your size to achieve the best result. Fastening and easy to install, disassemble, move - for your conditions and for your personal wishes and needs!


We work with PVC and other technical and special fabrics for their various applications, solving your different tasks.


We will install and attach to any of the current surfaces and/or structures, allowing you to do this safely and reliably.


Our tents cafes, restaurants, wedding, tourist, shopping are designed for "simplicity" to be mobile for use cases such as points of sale, production, or for organizing a workplace in an open area.
Advertising on a tent is a very effective way of advertising. PVC branding awning on the tent, from small lettering to full application advertising using the logos and designs. 
Will vividly represent both YOUR trademark and any YOUR advertising campaign.


Thanks to our solutions, a gazebo or a veranda on your property will always be cozy and functional at any time of the year!

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