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Who is Elevate Tent Design?

Elevate Tent Design specialists have been in business globally for over 15 years. We specialize in a wide range of products made from fabric, canopies, tents, and other PVC materials. We design, develop, and build curtains for restaurants, summer cafes, stalls, pavilions for exhibitions with logos and advertisements for our clients. The ability to apply a full-color image to the surface of the awning by large-format printing. The corporate colors of the company, advertising information, branding, and logos on the awning significantly increase recognition and individuality. We make covers and curtains for outdoor verandas, tents, and gazebos of any size and shape. Gazebo curtains become indispensable in shelter from wind, rain, or snow on a bad day, using a rich selection of fabric colors to satisfy even the most sophisticated designs. Each solution is custom-made from high-strength colored or transparent fabric.

Our designs fix any structure and surface. We select the most optimal option for attaching curtains or other designs, fabrics, or products to your structures. Our experts advise, measure, and install.

Additionally, we specialize in gyms, combat sports, sports complexes, and gymnasiums.

 We will produce the fabrics for individual orders or standardized sizes for sports flooring, walls, mats, carpets for martial arts, training, and individual sports. We apply the Logos of clubs, giving the interior hall and attractive and branded look.

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